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So finally the transition is getting you Wish that there was just something more I could do To stop the time and the water it's running out take my tears cross the border leaving the doubt there's happiness on the horizon just none right now I got this hole inside my heart without you (without you) the darkest turn of existence we all will go I would want more persistence it's not a show I think of spring and the clover your lucky charm didn't help you, it's over did it do harm? we kill ourselves getting an answer while for this life we must carry on alone without you (without you) (and I must carry on... a-lone) go have a good time together life goes fast make this world little better if you can last I see the light in the distance (maybe) if we act now this instance maybe we'll find... the cure (alone now.... alone now.... alone now.... alone now....)


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This album contains, among other things, the two missing tracks from VVVVVV 2.0 that didn't make it to PPPPPP, the remix of Predestined Fate that was in VVVVVV 3DS, the completely reworked VVVVVV tracks used in the game Pulsen, remixes of game tunes my friends wanted me to make, polished up material from my site, entirely NEW content AND secret bonus tracks!

I've put all I got into this one. No expense has been spared! So if you like it, please tweet, facebook, google+, reddit, disqus, and/or everything else to spread the word about the album and help me out!

And if you have a moment, drop me an email about what you think of it!

Thank you, my dear supporters. This one's for you!


- Magnus [ Buy it from or listen here! ]


released January 10, 2012

I would like to thank the following for all they've done for me that has helped me directly or indirectly related to this release:

Kevin Ghadyani - Pulsen -
Terry Cavanagh - VVVVVV -
Chris Geehan - Bitejacker OST -
Mattias Häggström-Gerdt - Cobalt OST -
Gryzor87 - Hydorah OST -
Franklin van Uden -
Danny Baranowsky - Super Meat Boy OST -
Jimmy Hinson - Imposter Nostalgia -
Jonathan Holmes -
Roger Hicks - Zelda 25 Year Legend -
Brent Kennedy - Piano awesomeness -
David Scatliffe -
MANvsGAME - trailer voice acting -
Daniel Rosenfeld - Minecraft OST -
Deltamike - artwork -
and José Felix - video editing

I hopefully got all of you mentioned there. If you feel left out, let me know!


all rights reserved



SoulEye Sweden

My name is Magnus. I live in Sweden and make computer game music!
I've been into games since I first laid my hands on some Game&Watch handhelds from Nintendo.
It then continued with C-64, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, and later on PC.
I love the music those machines had. The gaming music. The OLDSCHOOL gaming music!
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